KGBL designs and produces a line of handcrafted American furniture which can be seen at our showroom on the top floor of The New York Design Center, the industry’s premier resource for fine furnishings, located at 200 Lexington Avenue. The line, built in our workshop in Brooklyn, is unapologetically modern but executed in materials and utilizing methods associated with older levels of craftsmanship. Working in fumed white oak, silicon bronze and borosilicate glass, to cite a few examples, KGBL fashions sophisticated pieces that employ marquetry, leather molding, stone carving and nonferrous metal techniques. The showroom is open to the public.


Check out the latest additions to the KGBL line which made their debut at this year's What's New, What's Next event. 


Check out our new, larger and more efficient workshop facility.


Our first ever KGBL Furniture Book is now available for purchase! A 300 page, soft cover "Look Book" of KGBL's current line. Price includes shipping.


The new Butterfield Café at 200 Lex is now open! Come visit us on the 16th floor and drop by our neighbors for breakfast, lunch, coffee, baked goods and frozen yogurt!

KGBL has moved! For information on our new Showroom and Workshop locations go here.